My name is Ada Weel Olsen and I’m a Norwegian Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Oslo. – educated as a graphic designer from the NKH, Norwegian School of Creative Studies in Oslo, Norway. I have recently taken a bachelor degree in Graphic Design and Art Direction at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, Italy.

Foundation Coffee House

Set in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is a new addition to the already growing coffee scene. Foundation Coffee House, a huge minimalistic, light creative coffee house like no other in Manchester with an enormous amount of brews to offer with a healthy seasonal menu and a few naughty bakery treats thrown in. Who doesn't want a brownie with their coffee?


With the best coffee selected by hand by the owner Adam there’s no doubt they certainly know what their doing. The first time I visited Foundation Coffee House I must have had three different coffees in the space of an hour, eager to try them all resulted in major coffee shakes. The Guatemala Blend Flat White with a glass of lemon infused water is my new morning essential, some of the best coffee around!


Taking inspiration from Manchester’s industrial past the huge space is filled with white tiles, raw wood detailing and incredible retro furniture, it all sounds very clinical but sitting in working or even just a quick coffee break it’s surprisingly welcoming and comfortable. One for working in any Coffee shop its definitely a plus to have super fast Wi-Fi, charging points and even a cleverly designed quiet ‘box’ in the center of the huge space that can be used for meetings away from the usual distractions. Even out of the 'box' the fresh approach to this space makes for an inspiring, creative hub to work away for hours.

Large table areas at the back of the huge space offer room for those long creative meetings with Wifi and charging points. The future of Foundation is looking great, their looking to expand the coffee concept across more locations within Manchester keeping this large space as its flagship shop. The idea of having little pop up Foundation's dotted around the whole of manchester sounds good to me! Coffee on the go and use of this minimal creative space in-between. 

I'm not usually one for taking photos in washrooms but the hand wash choice and interior design within Foundations is incredible. Aesop, copper piping and graphic style branding features add that little more detail to the overall coffee concept.


Foundation Coffee House, Sevendale House, Lever Street, M1 1JB.

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