My name is Ada Weel Olsen and I’m a Norwegian Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Oslo. – educated as a graphic designer from the NKH, Norwegian School of Creative Studies in Oslo, Norway. I have recently taken a bachelor degree in Graphic Design and Art Direction at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, Italy.

Heads + Tails | Salty days

Wandering, discovering and being addicted to the coast. Ever since I can remember I've been drawn to the ocean, sand beneath my toes, water crashing besides me, something most likely passed down from generations. After spending so much time on various coastlines I still find a huge joy of watching people on the water, dancing on the waves, gliding in and out of the surf, being at one with the water in their sacred surf spots. In a crowded length of break it still only seems like it's just you and the ocean.  


Traveling the East Coast, still cold surf season full wetsuits and thermals required reminded me of how much I belong next to the ocean. Living between cities isn't an ideal location but its still close enough to travel to get my water fix. While in the US I spent time discovering the East Coast surf culture and cold Atlantic swells which are frustratingly small at this time of year. Even so, these windswept coastlines and out of the way towns are still perfect with Outer Banks ( OBX to locals) being one of best laid back places I've ever visited. Pacific west coasters aren't the only ones to throw their boards in the car to head to stunning coastlines and amazing breaks. 

Dad wet suit ready and raring to go when he was my age. Even 17 years ago I always asked to be helped and pushed out on a board, I never noticed the cold in a short wetsuit then unlike today even in a thermal suit my lips turn blue. 

Discover Outer Banks here.