My name is Ada Weel Olsen and I’m a Norwegian Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Oslo. – educated as a graphic designer from the NKH, Norwegian School of Creative Studies in Oslo, Norway. I have recently taken a bachelor degree in Graphic Design and Art Direction at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, Italy.

Juiceman - Field to bottle

Say hello to Juiceman, the 100% natural, organic brand that does away with earthy green juices and watery raw milks. The expanding juice company soon to bring a new kick to your healthy lifestyle was all started by Andrew Cooper, model (former Diet Coke man) and believer of a healthy lifestyle obtained from raw foods and pressed juices.


Juiceman has a huge range of products: cold pressed juices, nut milks, smoothies and shots all reinforced by it's belief of a healthy lifestyle from natural organic nutrients for maintained optimum health. To get a feel for the ‘good stuff’ contained in these perfectly branded bottles I was given three juices, three shots and then decided to try nut milk as I’m obsessed with any almond/ nut based product on offer.


 J5 – Energize  .  J2 – Alkalize  .  J6 – Health  .  M1 – Almond milk  .  S2 - Recovery  .  S6 - Skin  .  S5 – Awaken


Out of the three juices two definitely stood up as some of the best juices I’ve had. J2 Alkalize green juice was in no way grassy and bitter like other green juices, same with the J6 health, this deep orange colored juice was sweet while tasting 100% natural and non pulpy. A lot of the time with pressed juices I find they have a slight bitter powdery taste these juices had none of that.  The J5 energize was my least favorite I think its down to the chia seed and lemon mix but that’s all down to personal taste. Apart from this they definitely do what they say on the bottle, raised energy levels, aiding recovery and distressing for these reasons alone I would drink these again and again. 

Shots! Not your typical shot, these high-powered natural drinks flood the body with raw nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If you want the heat and awakening kick of ginger maybe on that sleepy Monday morning try the S5 or S2 these both have powerful ginger and lemon ingredients to boost the immune and recover. With being totally raw these have a strong burst of heat. You’ve been warned! The S6 shot is by far my favorite product. Fresh Aloe Vera, Grapefruit, Cucumber and chia make for a perfect fresh fruity shot the new must have beauty essential with antioxidants and detoxifying nutritional benefits it’s great for the skin!  


M1 Almond milk, organic and high in nutrients this raw milk contains Almond, Cinnamon, Dates and vanilla making for sweet, thick rich milk. I had this chilled drank on its own, definitely a great alternative to a coffee or midday snack. It can also be used with cereal and as a normal dairy alternative. 


If you’re in London pop into the Baker and Spice stores or Fortnum & Mason and in Manchester why not pick up a juice from the new Foundation Coffee House.

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